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So you are looking for a good sunless tan, and everywhere you turn there are sunless products and spray tanning services, tanning salons, mobile airbrush technicians, "spray tan in a can" and it doesn’t stop there.  This site was put up to help you make an informed decision on the type of sunless spray tan or tanning service you desire.

Sunless is a simple process that uses Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to cause a reaction (the Maillard reaction) with amino acids in the skin.  This is very simple, nothing complicated; just a natural reaction of two substances.  By the way, Dihydroxyacetone is a big word, but DHA is simply a derivative of sugar cane.  It is classified as a
3-carbon sugar.  This is why as the tan sets in, you get an odd smell that kind of reminds you of burning sugar; now you know why!  BTW:  Some solutions smell better than others.

Some people get bronzers and self-tanners confused.  Bronzers are products that have a tint of some kind in order to temporarily change the shade of the skin.  The bronzers will wash of in the next shower and can rub off on clothing.  Bronzers should be avoided by brides wanting to get a sunless tan before their wedding as they can ruin the dress.  A true self tanner does not have to be tinted; it can be clear and stay clear for up to 4 hours.  This is because a true self-tanner or sunless tan, with have DHA or Eryhrulose or both to create a temporary 3-10 day tanning of the skin.  This is not a stain or a bronzer but rather a true sunless tanner.

Sunless tans became popular due to the fact that they are UV free.  If someone wants to get a golden bronze glow, they can get what they want without sun tanning outside or in a tanning bed.  Sunless UV free tanning has been around for a while now, starting with at home products and quickly evolving in to better quality services available at salons and spas.  In the past 5 years major advancements in technology have emerged in certain spray tanning booths.  Most of this was driven by the newer air brush tanning market.  The HV/LP propulsion system that the mobile units used was superior to the LV/HP propulsion systems that the original booths used.  Even today, most of the booths in the market place are still LV/HP units.  Some examples of the better HV/LP units available in the market today are the California Tan AutoBronzer, Mystic Tan HD, Pura, and the Magic Tan VersaSpa.  The AutoBronzer is the most unique since it is not an actual booth; it is an automated platform air brush tanning unit that requires no technician.  So you get the best air-brush spray tanning results and complete privacy.

“Air brush tanning”… “Airbrush tanning”… “air-brush tanning”… 90% of the equipment is the same, just repackaged.  The solutions and the spray technician are what mater in this segment of sunless spray tanning market.  Choose a reputable tech with insurance and certificates of sunless spray tanning training.  Some only work out of their studio; some will come to your place of work or house.  Beware of mobile tanners that do not have a physical location.  Some are out of business just as fast as they got started and many do not have proper training.  Some are good, use your best judgment and look on-line for testimonials and reviews first.  Glo on the Go is the only spray technician we recommend in the Fort Wayne market.

Please explore this site for information and tips for spray tanning.  This website is neutral and informational.  In full disclosure; this site is sponsored by L Spa Modern located in Fort Wayne, IN and we do offer spray tanning services and sunless lotions.  Here is a special offer to try our spray tanning services.  We hope we get the chance to earn your business and if not we hope you have found this site helpful in assisting you in choosing your sunless provider, whom ever that may be.  Thank you.
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